Saturday, August 26, 2006


I'm sitting here at Panera Bread while Ms. Brick shops. I reminded her again about how her lack of a driver's license causes me pain. I could be at home playing poker right now, except she needed a ride to the mall. That's the way relationships work, I guess. You give a little, you give a little.

"Well, you're sitting there blogging, which means you have a computer, why can't you play poker, then?" you ask? Well, apparently Panera Bread has taken a Nazi-like stance on free internet access. All poker sites are blocked. The 2+2 forums are blocked. is blocked. is blocked. They've got complete blockage on anything poker related. I find it interesting that Panera Bread has ten times the net blockage that my job does.

At work I can pretty much do anything except porn. I also can't actually play poker at work, although I did bang out a blackjack bonus there a couple months ago. I really don't think anyone is monitoring web use, because I would have gotten a verbal warning a long time ago.

My original intention here at Panera Bread was to sign up at Titan Poker through Pokersourceonline (9000 PSO points!) and start working on another bonus to help pay for the wedding. I haven't done anything in that regard for about a month. So far I have delivered $4,500 to the wedding bank account through my bonus whoring efforts, and have $400 in the wedding Neteller account to work with, for a total of $4,900.

I was at a high point of $5,300 last month, lost a chunk, got discouraged, cashed out most of what I had made into US dollars, leaving myself with $400. I'm going to do Titan and next month's monthly blackjack bonuses and be done with wedding whoring. What's left of the monthly blackjack bonuses anyway. Those are disappearring fast. I think the only ones left are Intercasino, William Hill, Cherry and CasinoEuro. Eurobet banned the United States, while Totalbet and UKBetting quit offering bonuses. I don't know what the deal with Littlewoods is. I've heard conflicting reports. I know there are others that are +EV, but they're not worth my time.

So we're out shopping. Right now. I dropped Ms. Brick off at the mall and then went to Old Navy to look at pants. I got a pair of jeans for $25. They are "painter's" jeans. That means they have a goofy pocket on the back for a paint brush or something. I actually called Ms. Brick from the dressing room to ask if this style of jeans was acceptable. She told me I could make my own decisions. I decided the paint brush pocket would be handy for cell phone containment.

Ms. Brick just called. I gotta go.

Okay, it's Wednesday morning now. At the time I felt like I had a lot more to add to this, but it took me three days to get back to it and that train of thought is long gone. Sorry. Bye.


At 9:11 AM, Blogger Klopzi said...

I think I mentioned before that my wife does not have a license either, so I definitely feel your pain.

I just remind my wife that it'd be nice if she could drive from time to time. Mind you, if it weren't for the occasional shopping trip, I'd never leave the house (outside of work, of course).

The other night, we were at Walmart and my wife said that I, too, was a big boy and could pick out some new shirts for myself.

I decided to let comfort and price make the decision for me: picked up some oversized 2XL work shirts for $10 CDN a piece.

My wife was a little displeased with the colour and make of the shirts and let me get them with little discussion. However, when she saw me wearing one yesterday, she commented on how baggy they were and asked me the size.

Needless to say, I don't think I'm allowed to pick out my own clothes anymore...damn it!

At 7:57 PM, Blogger telaat said...

I like to masturbate to New Kids on the Block videos.

At 6:59 AM, Blogger Scotty Win said...

What the f is that shite from telaat?

You can play on pokerfantasy at Panera. At least you could a couple weeks ago when we checked out that hotel.

You're not going to say anything about wedding invitations?

At 12:36 PM, Blogger Brick said...

Yeah, I don't know what the deal with telaat is. I guess he just wanted us to know he spanks it to NKOTB videos.

Klopzi - I don't think I'm allowed to shop for clothes unsupervised anymore either. The jeans I got "don't fit right in the crotch" and the other pants I got are "too short."

I got the "too short" pair at Marshall's for $17 and I couldn't find a longer size. I also thought the size they had looked fine. I guess I was wrong.

I don't know why the hell I need approval. I also don't know why I feel the need to call her from the dressing room for clothing advice. I guess she will never call me from a dressing room and I will never give two shits about what clothes she buys so I guess that's just the way it goes.

Scott- I didn't have any poker software installed on my computer. I needed to download it and all the sites were blocked. I don't know if I could have played if I had the poker client already installed. The last time I was at Panera Bread I couldn't go to, but I could open the party software and play poker just fine.

Also, no one plays on Poker Fantasy except for you.

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Klopzi said...

Also, no one plays on Poker Fantasy except for you.


And that Telaat guy is a filthy spammer.

As for the masturbating comment, glass houses, etc...

At 8:40 PM, Blogger telaat said...

I don't know, Joey McIntyre just gets me hot, I guess. What's that about glass houses?

At 1:23 PM, Blogger telaat said...

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At 6:28 AM, Blogger Scotty Win said...

Any pre-wedding jitters?

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