Friday, May 12, 2006

Super bonus day.

I usually don't carry cash in my wallet. I usually just keep my credit cards and driver's license in there, and shove my cash into my pocket. Therefore, I never expect cash to be in there. Today I checked my wallet for some reason and it contained $10 that I forgot about. That's like free $10.

Then I went down to lunch and the lunch special was the buffalo chicken wrap. I love the buffalo chicken wrap. It's chicken with buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and bleu cheese. Wrapped. The simple availability of the buffalo chicken wrap is cause for celebration, but today it was the lunch special: wrap, pickle, chips, cookie, Coke, $4. Awesome. Then, just when I thought my day couldn't get any more awesome, the cashier lady gave me two stamps on my frequent lunch-purchaser card to put me at the required nine stamps for a free lunch. Can life get better? I submit that it can not.

At this point, you're probably wondering how I can disappear for a month and then just come back and start writing like nothing happened and I never went away. Let's review some of the e-mails I got:

"Are you going to go a whole month without posting?"
-Scotty Win

"Where are your posts?"
-Ms. Brick

"We're WAITing..."
-Ms. Brick

To that I say: It's my blog and I'll do what I want, so stfu. I'm just kidding. Feedback is appreciated. At least I know my two readers care enough to write me.

I just haven't felt any creative energy in the past month or had any desire to write. The blog became more like work rather than a creative outlet, so I accidently took a break without planning to. That's the way it goes sometimes.

I've also been focusing a lot of my energy making money to pay for a small party in September. That's when Ms. Brick becomes Mrs. Brick. This is a topic I've been avoiding and need to write about in depth sometime. ("Oh, you want forks? There's a $2 per head fork rental fee, plus $3 per head for fork liability insurance, plus a $1 fork usage surcharge.")

I told Ms. Brick that if she signed up for online casinos she could make a lot of money for the wedding by bonuswhoring. I signed her up for a Neteller account and I've been whoring all the good sign-up bonuses. So far I've turned $100 into $763 (it was over $900 at point; variance happens, and I don't want to hear about it, honey) . I've got a long way to go. Only $14,237 more until the wedding is paid for. Yippee. Just kidding. I've only committed myself to making $3,000 this way. I don't know if that's going to happen, but we'll see. Do you know what it's like grinding blackjack for hours on end to clear bonuses? It's like I got a second job counting beans to help pay for our wedding.

Ms. Brick would like me to point out that she has been doing all of the work towards planning this thing and I have done nothing. I fully admit this. But I'm the one that got the second job counting beans.

Moving on. I've also been watching a lot of Suns games. The playoffs kick ass because all of the games are on TV. I would never get to see the Suns otherwise. Some of the regular season games were on ESPN but I could never remember to watch them.

The first round was awesome. Ms. Brick started watching the games with me. She is hilarious. It's like me 15 years ago, only less (I should point out that after the Suns lost the '93 finals to the Bulls, I spent the evening crying face down in the grass in my backyard, she hasn't been taking it that far). She couldn't care less about the Suns, but near the end of some of those close games she would be screaming at the TV. Her favorite thing to say was: "C'MON, YOU BETTER GET IT IN!" And then if they miss: "OH NO! NO!!!!" She doesn't know any of the players' names except for Steve Nash, but there she sits, freaking out as if her life depends on the outcome each game. At one point during the Suns-Lakers series I had to go to another room to watch. The rest of the playoffs should be fun. Luckily, the first two games of Suns-Clippers didn't go down to the wire so she remained subdued.

That's all for today. Please stay tuned for wedding planning updates.

If you want something entertaining to read, read this Vegas trip report from some guy on 2+2.


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