Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Extra plate.

Yesterday at lunch Ms. Brick and I went to this Italian place. We don't usually go out to lunch, but the night before we got into a huge fight about how I'm a loser and I guess that's cause for going out to lunch the next day.

It was kind of a fast-food place, in the sense that you stand in line to order your food and then wait for it and then take to a table to eat it. It wasn't a fast food place in the sense that they put your food on a glass plate before putting it on the plastic tray.

We decided to split an order of lasagna. Ms. Brick asked for an extra plate. We go up to pay:

Ms. Brick: "Lasagna."
Cashier lady: "Is that an extra plate?"
Ms. Brick: "Yeah."
Cashier lady: "There's a $2 charge for an extra plate."
Ms. Brick: "No extra plate, then."
Cashier lady: "I see an extra plate."

I did, in fact, yell at the cashier. I did not call her a fucking whore. Is she a fucking whore? Possibly. I have no information regarding this fact, nor does this have anything to do with the fact that they charge $2 for extra plates.

The exchange concluded with the cashier saying something to the effect of: "I'm just doing my job, sir" and then removing the extra plate.

I feel bad for yelling, but if she doesn't like getting yelled at, she should complain to the owner about their dumb extra plate policy. Actually, it wasn't so much the dumb extra plate policy that pissed me off, it was her "I see an extra plate" comment. Ms. Brick made it clear we didn't want the extra plate after learning of the $2 fee. Cashier lady should have then just removed the extra plate from our tray and completed the transaction, but no, she had to make a rude comment.

We proceeded to eat our lasagna from one plate without difficulty. Also Ms. Brick got us water cups. I put water in it to start but as we left I filled it with pop. Payback time, bitches.

I then stayed at work until 9:30 because I am the still the only person in North America at Hyperglobalmegacorp that knows how to do uploads.

I played cell-phone Tetris on the train ride home. I got 163 lines. Cell-phone Tetris is way more advanced than the Gameboy Tetris I used to play as a child:

The graphics are all in pretty colors, there are two drop options for the blocks (you can insta-drop it, or just speed up the drop), also, when your block is dropping, there is a little outline of it at the bottom of the screen that shows where the block will end up on your stack if you do an insta-drop. Also you get to see the next four blocks you will get instead of just one:

I must say that game control on the Gameboy was way better, although in the phone's defense it wasn't designed to be a game machine. Believe it or not, it's primary function is to be a phone, and for a phone it's a pretty good Gameboy.

When I got home I watched game 5 of the Suns-Clippers series until 1:15AM. It's a good thing Ms. Brick went to sleep at halftime or else her head would have exploded. Despite their best efforts the Suns won. The game went to overtime after the Suns had 19 point lead in the third quarter. Steve Nash did his best to throw game away with two turnovers in the closing minutes and the Clippers had a three point lead with three seconds to go. Raja Bell hit a 3 to force a second overtime and the Suns pulled it out.

I think I am going to change the name of this blog to "Lunchtime Fun with Brick."


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